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General, husband, father.

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You may call me Valin. If you are lucky enough to have my full name, you are likely family: I give it to few others. I am one of the many Dokkalfar in a multiple system, and one of the two that head that system. I moved here from Svartalfheim, which I still often visit. I was a general there, before I left, and I came with my wife and brother, amongst two or so other family members. I have two children, twins, a boy and a girl. I have not and do not predict shedding my military exterior; I spent too many centuries in the job for that. I am a craftsman, a musician, an artist, and a family man, after being a warrior. I have been known to take...commissions...of the fighting type, but I rarely do so. Most of my commissions revolve instead around my artwork. Before arriving here, I was illiterate; I could not read or write. It was not uncommon in my own world, as my native language is remarkably difficult to write, even if along the simpler end to speak. Now, I do so, having been taught, and I can read and write several languages. I am multi-lingual, and have been for quite some time.

If you care to hear about my life, leave me a comment. If you do not, I will not add you back. Plain and simple. If I have added you, I either already know you, or care to.
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